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The Muslim Network Health Collaboration is an umbrella organisation for the Muslim networks of Public Health England, NHS Improvement, Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England.

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Javid Patel

Javid Patel

Skipton House, London


I started the network on the back of various conversations with colleagues who weren’t very confident about practicing their faith in the workplace. With faith becoming a taboo in the workplace, it was important to ensure Muslims and people of faith have a safe space to speak and practice their faith in the workplace. This includes having the right facilities and career support from senior leadership.

Since then, the Network has grown to what it is now, with over 600 members and support from senior leaders across healthcare and the Civil Service. The Network has given me some really good opportunity to meet new people and also to discuss D&I matters with senior leaders in the organisation like the Chief Executive, Chair, various Directors and Permanent Secretaries. These are people I would never have had a chance to meet had it not been for the work with the Network. Hence it’s really helped build my visibility in the organisation, confidence and it’s really helped me see how valuable I can be as a minority to any organisation.

The primary aim of the network has always been to help build confidence for people of faith in the workplace and to help our organisations improve the health of the communities we serve. And the Network has a key role to play in underserved communities and we’re keen for you to help us with this.

With more and more interest in the network, we continue to grow the network and we look forward to more people joining the team.