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The Muslim Network Health Collaboration is an umbrella organisation for the Muslim networks of Public Health England, NHS Improvement, Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England.

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What can we support with?

The Muslim Health Network Collaboration is now looking to work more closely with policy teams in central government, using this direct link to aid policy work through consultation and collaboration with different organisations. In doing this, we can help carry out departmental aims and objectives through new and innovative ways, reaching communities and demographics that find it harder to access certain services and knowledge.




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General Questions

Does the Muslim Network Health Collaboration just serve NHSE&I, DHSC and PHE, or is it wider?

The Muslim Network Health Collaboration serves the entire health space. So whether you’re a Clinical Commissioner Group, a Provider, a Government Health Department or third party Health Agency, we’re here to help. If there is any way we can help then please get in touch with us.

Do you have any partner organisations that you work with?

Yes we have a number of partner organisations we work with in terms of improving health promotion. Two partners are key to the work we do. These are the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). BIMA is a network representing over 2,000 Muslim clinicians in the UK and like us, they have a mutual focus of improving health promotion and awareness across the Muslim community. The MCB is a national umbrella organisation with over 500 members including Mosques, Schools, Charitable institutions and Professional Networks. Through working with them, we can have a greater reach in terms of health promotion.

Alongside the above, we also work very closely with the Civil Service. A number of Permanent Secretaries have attended our events and showed support for our vision and the work we do, including awarding us various Diversity and Inclusion awards.

We also work very closely with Professional Networks across the City like HSBC, Barclays, PWC, Ernst & Young, CUBE, Emerald, Consortium, among others.

How can you help us with increasing awareness and uptake around cancer screening?

The Muslim Network Health Collaboration can help by providing local community champions that you can work with who understand the local community and who want to make a change. Through various conversations, the Network realises that for CCGs and Providers the hardest part of engagement is finding a community champion. Through our various partner organisations we can help with this.

The second thing we can help with is promoting and showcasing examples of better practice engagement across the sector. This includes examples of where CCGs have already engaged communities and sharing their learnings. We can even provide a contact with these CCGs so you can have an initial conversation.

The final thing we can help with is share with you our campaigns which you can get involved with. These are great ways to make inroads and learn about the Muslim community. And an ideal way to get a feedback loop in terms of reasons for low uptake and new issues Muslims in the community are currently facing.

I love the work of the network, how can I get involved?

We’re always looking for ambitious and driven people to join our team. All of us work on a voluntary basis and each of us are keen to improve the health of the communities we live in. There’s so much to get involved in, so email us and let’s discuss where you would add most value.

I'm not Muslim but I'd really like to join the mailing list and get involved.

The Network membership is open to all, regardless of faith, background, etc. All you need to do is subscribe on the website. And if you want to get involved, all we ask is that you have an ambitious and driven mindset. The great thing about the work we do is that if it works well with Mosques, we can replicate through other faith institutions too.

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