In January 2021, we organised dedicated COVID-19 vaccines webinars which brought together experts from NHS England & Improvement, NHS trust and representatives from research bodies to help answer key questions like:

The Clinical Perspective – What is the vaccine, how do they work, are they safe, what are the risks, common misconceptions?

The Islamic Perspective – What is the Islamic position on vaccines, what are the rulings on each of the vaccines, common misconceptions?

The Vaccination Roll out – How are the vaccines being rolled out, when can I get a vaccine, who shouldn’t take the vaccine?


Sheikh Yunus Dudhwala – Head of Chaplaincy at Barts NHS Trust Sheikh

Asim Khan – Imam at Redbridge Islamic Centre and Pharmacist

Dr Raghib Ali – Consultant in Acute Medicine and Senior Clinical Research Associate, Oxford University Hospitals

Dr Imran Kauser – Executive Medical Director at Novartis

Dr Masood Ahmed – Chief Medical Officer, CCIO for NHS Black Country and West Birmingham CCGs

Emily Lawson – Chief Commercial Officer and SRO for the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout

Prerana issar – Chief People Officer

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Additional Resources

BAME Communities

NHSE is working to help dispel misinformation in BAME Communities regarding vaccination


Infographics and videos to share with your friends and family members

Muslim Doctors Association

Muslim Doctors Association (MDA) have just published the answers to your FAQs

Ramadan resources

Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine uptake during Ramadan

Inspirited minds

Offering free counselling sessions from our qualified team of counsellors

Healthy Living

A healthy Ramadan, How does fasting affect the body? Is fasting good for health?

Building confidence

Examples of quote cards - Building vaccine confidence in BAME Communities.

British Islamic Medical Association

COVID-19 Vaccine Hub – A one stop shop on debunking myths surrounding the COVID 19 vaccines

British Board of Scholars & Imams

Questions Imams & Scholars Get Asked About Vaccines, hear their views

Ramadan BIMA video

NHSE/I Ramadan video commissioned through BIMA

East London HCP

8 videos in community languages on Ramadan and COVID-19

Considerations during ramadan

Workplace considerations during Ramadan and how to support staff who may be fasting

Vaccination Stories

Senior Project Manager – Mental Health, currently Programme Manager for MHLDA Cell in response to Covid- 19

Yasmin Khan, a regional NHS worker from Newcastle’s Muslim community, is sharing her personal story to reassure others about the Covid-19 vaccination. Yasmin was offered the vaccine through her job and is speaking out to counter some of the concerns and rumours she has heard, which she feels could prevent people from coming forward to be protected. She is particularly concerned that members of the community should be aware of all of the facts before making a decision, including that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are both halal and supported by the British Islamic Medical Association and the Muslim Council of Britain.


Yasmin says:

“There’s a lot of talk online and via social media about whether or not to get the vaccine. “Sometimes people may have a view or opinion which gets widely shared but might not always be based on the latest evidence. “It’s easy for messages to get shared quickly and to become established, so I’ve been sharing my personal story, to try and reassure people of how the vaccine was for me and how I reached my decision. “I’m currently waiting for my second appointment and will be relieved when I have it, to know I’ve done everything I can to protect myself.”

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Read stories around your communicates

Real Stories, Real People

Please share your story. It could help others understand more about vaccine-preventable diseases, drug-resistant infections


You can also hear from some of our staff who are sharing their own experiences of the vaccine and why they decided to get the #JabDone

What You Need to Know

Following extensive trials, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines have been approved in the UK and the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme is underway